”HOTELS DE CHARME ET DE CARACTERE” – HCC- and The Globale Alliance Of Private Hotels has taken a major step in its deployment. Fast than 1000 member and allied hotels in 70 COUNTRIES; A global label and a global quality index: 89% (17.8 / 20)



The best hotels in the world 100% owned by hotel operators “Hotels of Charm and Character” is the quality label of reference to discover and stay in hotels with a soul, an architecture and a personality. It is surely the most beautiful address book of this type, opening the doors of establishments that have the charm of guest houses and the service of the best hotels. 

In order to do this, a totally innovative partnership in the world of Hospitality has just been established with the international platform of hotel consulting ” The Hotels Consulting Company – Boston & EMEA -THCC ” 




This partnership aims to offer  to the H.C.C. members the opportunity to benefit from tailor-made services and personalized costs.

T.H.C.C. will be able to respond to specific requests or highly targeted expectations, consulting services and business diagnostics. The experience of its consultants in multiple areas will allow member hotels worldwide who want it to access a wide range of services at preferential rates (Marketing, E-Business, (E-) Marketing, Training, Financing, F & B, Management, Operational etc …). In short, the whole spectrum of actions that a hotel has.

T.H.C.C. will respond to specific requests via consulting services & business diagnostics, and will become a “toolbox” allowing hoteliers members to benefit from the best services without having the conventional constraints (legal, financial, etc.) of traditional volunteer channels . H.C.C. will be able to access all our services and preferential rates.

H.C.C. & T.H.C.C propose to create the best possible offer, the most flexible, the most pragmatic and the most adapted for the independent hotels: • A global label ensuring global representativeness, notoriety and access to a global market with global services • A seasoned counseling and assistance structure ensuring that each hotel can be helped with very specific needs

H.C.C. aims here as in its internal organization, and its development strategy to set up support and assistance of hoteliers based on Glocalization (Global + Local); Know how to lead a global, global strategy while being able to act locally, in a more precise and adapted way.

The Hotels Consulting Company – Boston EMEA – will therefore become a “toolbox” allowing hoteliers members to benefit from the best services without having the classic constraints (legal, financial, etc.) of traditional volunteer Group/Chain.



  • Commercial & Yield Audit (prior to any action)
  • Annual subscription T.H.C.C. (same amount as the annual fee H.C.C.)
  • Newsletters and commercial actions targeted on T.H.C.C customer databases.
  • Representation on targeted trade shows

Annual Fees: 1 000€

  • A personalized quote will be made by one of our consultants. T.H.C.C.; After the audit of your needs and objectives, an Action Plan will be proposed. These optional services are concluded directly with the company T.H.C.C and represent complementary solutions adapted and personalized in order to deliver an optimum service. No financial commitment at the first contact.
Annual Fees: Personalized