• A Community of Hoteliers proposing an Assistance Platform for Hoteliers

    Hotelier for Hotelier
  • New partnership between TCC and Hotels de Charme & Caractere (HCC): THCC becomes the HCC Toolbox

  • Platform created “By Hoteliers For Hoteliers”

1st Community and International Hotel Network Created by Hoteliers and for Hoteliers

By Hoteliers, For Hoteliers

Created in 2012 by Hotel Owners in Switzerland, France and USA, The Hotels Consulting Company- Boston  (THCC)  is, first and foremost, a community of hoteliers & decision makers, allowing its members to use a platform of independent experts/advisors. THCC assists hoteliers and offers, externally, all the necessary services for Owners (Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, F & B, Accounting & Finance, HR, Operations, Management Contract …), in order to optimize their profitability and their GOP


Our objectives:

Optimize financial results and profitability through flexible external interventions, guaranteeing a result by integrating the latest technologies

Maximize the Direct bookings and the GOP


Directly connecting:

A. Hotel Decision makers

B. Freelance consultants (specialists-generalists)

C. Partners from the Hospitality Business

Validated by our Board and covering all the operational and managerial needs of independent hotels.

Hoteliers Hoteliers

Are you a hotel owner, looking to boost your sales and grow your bottom line, or optimize your accounting, your F & B or HR strategy, or find funding? Our senior specialist consultants are here to help.

Consultants Consultants

Do you have at least 15 years experience in the international hotel industry and aspire to be independent specialist and general consultants working in a structured environment and offering your expertise to our partner hotels?

Partners Partners

Do you provide services to hotel businesses, have you recently developed a powerful app /software or have an innovative product (technical, F & B or other) to offer? Would you like to offer your services and products to our partner hotels and open up international markets ?

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