Taylor Made Actions & missions

Our areas of intervention: our consultants and partners consultancies involved externally in outsourcing or in-house, in the following segments related to strategy and the operation of a hotel:

Actions & Missions

> Operation & Management :
  • Management outsourced
  • Outsourcing positions
  • HR
  • F&B
> Sales & Marketing :
  • Sales (all segments & channels)
  • Online Sales – OTAs / IDS /GDS
  • Rate’s strategy
  • E-business, web visibility & E-reputation
> Financial & accounting :
  • Financing & investors
  • Daily/Monthly Bookkeeping
  • CFO governance & owner coaching
  • Purchase/Sale of Hotel
> Training & management contract
  • Trainings
  • Assessment and monthly monitoring
  • Owner/Manager Coaching
  • Management contract

Example of our actions/packages for hotels

> PACKAGE Multi Season’s Hotels
  • Establishment of the Flash Diagnosis
  • Delivery of an action plan based on seasonality
  • Deployment of the pricing and sales strategy before the high season
  • Prospecting among agencies and specialized thematic partners (e.g. sea/mountain)
  • Use of THCC Mice/Leisure client databases
  • Maximize the social networks and e-reputation + international web visibility
  • Actions to neutralize the destination competition
> Goals
  • Prepare for the season
  • Increase direct sales and Internet visibility
  • Dominate overall and thematic competition
  • Maximize its autonomy and own (web) identity
  • Optimize charges (including HR) and management
  • Progress: min. 15% /REVPAR
> PACKAGE City Centers Hotels
  • Establishment of the Flash Diagnosis and action plan
  • Increase direct sales via the web and local corporate / Mice prospecting on the ground
  • Assistance in setting up a pricing strategy and reservations costs management
  • Actions to neutralize the local competition
  • Introducing actions to optimize visibility
  • Use of THCC client databases
  • Actions to optimize and filter software and applications used by the hotel
> Goals
  • Increase its direct client portfolio for all segments through local prospecting (corpo/Mice segments)
  • Dominate the local competition
  • Control its e-reputation
  • Optimize its HR/management charges and train the teams
  • Progress: min 10% / REVPAR