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You are :

  • A Start-Up Offering Innovative Systems or Applications for the Hospitality Industry
  • A company offering high-performance services related to the hotel industry
  • A hotel group wishing to offer some of the services of our consultants to your hoteliers members

You propose systems to optimize the operating expenses and to maximize the products of our member hotels

Would you like to expand your network and become known to our member hotels and international independent partners?

Free Membership. Opportunity to participate in our international events to meet our Hotels owners

  • Road shows
  • Close meeting
  • Conferences and congress
  • Shows & Exhibitions

Are you a company offering innovative products, software / systems, or providing high quality services to the hotel industry ? Are you looking to expand your network and gain exposure to our base of international independent hotels ?

Would you like to help optimize operating costs and maximize profits by offering optimal and exclusive solutions to our partner hotels?

Then contact us to join our Platform

Our hoteliers members are, for some, members of:

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Technology & Providers


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